The TMI Question Tag

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Hi Lovelies,

I thought today for something a little different & do the TMI Tag that I have seen on YouTube & thought I would give it a whirl.

What are you currently wearing?

I am currently in my PJ’s as its just past midnight 🙂

Have you ever been in love?

Yes I have & am currently in love with my fiance

Ever had a terrible breakup?

I am not really sure how to answer this as I had never really been in a proper relationship before I started dating Rob but I was seeing a few people (not at the same time) but I did have one pretty bad ‘breakup’ I guess you could call it but thinking about it now I might actually do a separate post about that.

How tall are you?

I am 169cm which is 5.5 feet

How much do you weigh?

next question…

Any tattoos?

Yes I just have the one tattoo which is four butterflies on my left wrist (see below photo)

Any Piercings?

Yes I currently only have my ears pierced but I have had my ears pierced twice & my nose pierced like 4 times.


I have no idea what OTP means?

Favourite Show?

Of all time It would be Friends but currently I am loving Riverdale & Dynasty

Favourite Band?

I don’t really have a current fav band but my favourite band of all time is The Spice Girls

Something you miss?

I am not really sure that I miss anything but sometimes I miss being a teenager and just having no responsibilities or bills

Favourite Song?

Currently I am loving Psycho by Post Malone

How old are you?

I just recently turned 27 two weeks ago

What’s your zodiac sign?


Quality you look for in a partner?

I would say honestly

Favourite Quote?

I don’t really have a favourite quote to be honest

Favourite Colour?


Loud music or soft?


Where do you go when you’re sad?

I normally just like to be alone, in my room & watch Mary-Kate & Ashley movies (I know I am lame)

How long does it take you to shower?

Probably like 15-20 minutes roughly

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

It depends If I am not putting on makeup or straightening my hair probably like 20 minutes but If I am putting makeup on & straightening my hair it takes me about an hour or so.

Ever been in a physical fight?


Turn on?

Guys that are funny & honest

Turn off?

Liars and guys that are rude

The reason I joined YouTube?

I joined YouTube initially just to ensure that I could get the same name as my blog. I do plan on doing some YouTube videos eventually but I just want to get my confidence up a little more first.


I have a real fear or anxiety of dying it really petrifies me

Last thing that made you cry?

I actually cried yesterday watching Jerry Maguire even though I have watched it like 1000 times as its one of my favourite movies.

Last time you said you loved someone?

I think I said I love you to Rob about an hour ago

Meaning behind your YouTube name?

My YouTube name is the same as my blog name and to be honest I am not really sure where the name Everything Missguided came from It’s just what came to me when I was setting my my email.

Last book you read?

I can’t remember the last book I read it was awhile ago that I cannot remember what it was.

The book you’re currently reading?

I am currently not reading any books

So thats the end of the TMI Tag I hope you enjoyed it.

Until next time

Mariah x




February 2018 Bellabox Review

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Hi Lovelies,

It’s time for another review on last month’s Bellabox, February’s box was all about being ‘Loved up’.

Original Source – Sweet Apple & Vanilla Milk Moisturising Shower Gel


I have used this brand before but not this particular scent & can I tell you it smells amazing!!!

If you’re from Australia you might remember being younger and there was this medicine which I have no idea what it was for but it always tasted so good like strawberries & this scent smells exactly like that.

Original Source is cruelty free, vegan, 100% natural fragrance & isn’t tested on animals. There’s also a wide range of scents available like coconut, lime & mango.

You can pick this product up from Priceline & local supermarkets for $4 dollars for 250ml

Hello Fresh

I have heard of Hello Fresh but have never tried it out before. Basically the concept is that you choose a package which is then delivered to you with all the ingredients & portions for however many people you picked your package for & provide you with the steps to cook it.

The thing that I like about Hello Fresh is that they have options for both meat eaters & vegetarians. I like that the recipes change each week so there is always variety.

The only thing that puts me off purchasing Hello Fresh is that for me If I was going to do a delivery dinner service I would want it to be pre-cooked so I could just heat it up after work and not have to worry about actually making it but that is just me personally.

If you’re in Australia & want to try out Hello Fresh you can check them out via their website.

Mannakadar Beauty Eyeshadow

How stunning is this eyeshadow firstly, I have heard of this brand before as we got their Glo illuminator in a previous Bellabox.

The eyeshadow is in the shade First Class & is quite pigmented, its a lovely like copper/bronzey shade which in my collection I don’t really have a lot of shades in this similar colour so I am looking forward to using this eyeshadow in a look soon.

You can purchase this eyeshadow from Manna Kadar Cosmestics directly for $19 dollars

Palmer’s Multi Effect Perfecting Facial Oil

As you all know I love Palmer’s products so I was excited to see another Palmer’s product in this months Bellabox.

This oil contains 9 pure oils plus cocoa butter. Resveratrol & retionol to help prevent the signs of ageing & helps reduce the appearance of lines.

You can purchase this product from Priceline for $20 dollars for 30ml

Clarins Paris Extra-Firming Day Wrinkle-lifting  cream


I have heard of this brand before but I don’t think I have ever owned any of their products. This product is an anti-ageing product that lifts & firms your skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles & firms the skin.

Looking at their website there is a lot of good reviews on their products which too be honest is good because this brand is also very expensive.

I love that Bellabox gives such good sample sizes for example the sample of this product that I have is 30ml & looking on their website you can buy this product in 50ml’s which is $120 dollars

Luiere Bio-Cellulose Mask

Oh how I love a face mask!!

I haven’t heard of this particular brand before but I love the packaging of this product.

Looking at their website it mentions that the mask provides deep hydration & smooths wrinkles & is suitable for all skin types.

I think I will do a review of this product as I am probably going to use it soon when I have my bath, so look out for this on my page.

You can purchase this product from either Luiere’s website for $12.50

Nutrimetics BB Creme


This was a bonus sample that we got with this months box. It’s the Nutrimetics BB creme in the shade light/medium.

I would like to try out this product but given the sample size I don’t think I will be able to get a good amount of product to try it out.

You can purchase this product from Nutrimetics website for $35 dollars

So thats all for this month’s Bellabox review, let me know if you would like me to try out any other products from this months bellabox & I would be happy to do so.

Until next time,

Mariah x

Bellabox Review – January 2018

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Hi Lovelies,

Its time for my first Bellabox Review for 2018 with the January box, let’s just forget that it’s the start of March.

Karen Murrell/ Lipstick

The first product I came across was this lipstick in the shade Sandstorm. I have seen this brand in store before and have also tried them out in a previous Bellabox.

The shade is a beautiful nude shade & smells like cinnamon. This lipstick is an all natural & made in New Zealand.

You can pick this lipstick up from Priceline or at Karen Murrell for $30 for 4g

Blaq / Meteor Shower Scrub


Now this product I am so excited for & can’t wait to try!! It’s the meteor shower scrub from Blaq.

The scrub contains activated charcoal to detoxify your skin and includes actual meteor dust that will leave you with a supple, iridescent skin that is out of this world.

I will definitely be doing a review on this product so keep a look out for that soon.

You can pick up 200g of this scrub from either Priceline or Blaq for $24.95

La Roche-Posay / Anthelios XL SPF 50 Nutritive Oil

ANTHELIOS XL_Spray Huile SPF50+-200ml 240x420px 150kb

I have heard of La Roche-Posay before but to be honest am not overly aware of all of their products.

It says this oil is suitable for all skin types and will keep your skin nourished in extreme sunshine with a gorgeous satin glow. It also has SPF 50 broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

Now if you have seen me in real life you will now that I am basically casper the ghost & never tan or burn so I did give this product to my partner to use as he is a tradie & in the sun all day.

He has said that he does like it & it’s good but he finds to be very oily & not very breathable in the sense that when its really hot it doesn’t breath properly.

It does also smell amazing!!

You can pick this product up from Chemist Warehouse or Priceline for $36.95 for 200ml

Klorane / Shampoo


This product I am pretty sure we have received before in another Bellabox but to be honest I have never tried it out.

It says on the pamphlet that it restores volume & shine to lackluster hair. Its perfect for all hair types & is designed to gently cleanse & strengthen, leaving you with smooth & tangle free hair.

You can purchase this product from Priceline for $21.00 for 400ml

Barubaya Crocodile Oil with rose geranium essential oil


Now this product I have never heard and to be honest at first I thought it was oil to burn in the home haha.

Looking at it though it says that you can use this product instead of moisturiser for a natural, boost to your skin. It can aid in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, fungal infections & rashes. It can also help with scars, burns, stretch marks & acne.

I am going to see if I can get my sister to use this so we can review it as she has been currently experiencing an outbreak of eczema on her face so look out for a review on this product.

You can purchase this product from Barubaya for $18 for 10ml

Palmolive Oil Infusions Body Moisturiser


As a bonus product there was 2 x 12ml of the rose with macadamia oil body moisturiser.

I haven’t used this particular moisturiser before but have used other Palmolive products such as the hand wash & other body washes which I have always loved & found to be great value for money.

You can pick this moisturiser either from Palmolive directly, Priceline or Safeway/Coles for $10 dollars for 400ml.

Well there you have it for my review on January’s Bellabox, what product would you most like to try?

Until next time

Mariah xx





Our Weekend Getaway

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Hi Lovelies,

How amazing is a weekend away? My partner & I recently celebrated our nine year anniversary as previously mentioned in my ‘9 Year Anniversary Post’

I decided that seeing as we never really go away just us I thought I would book a romantic weekend away so we could spend some quality time together.

Now you may be like Mariah you live alone together can’t you just do that every weekend??  which yes look we could have (would have saved me some money) but its different being away from home & having no responsibilities or have to clean up or worry about washing etc or having friends or family come over or being distracted by each others hobbies.

We can just go relax and not have to worry about anything else except having a good time & enjoying each other’s company.

So we stayed at this little cottage in Mount Dandenong called Arnica Views Summit Retreat which is about an hour and a bit away from our house & is situated up the top of the mountain.

We arrived there just after 3pm (which was our check in time) & settled in to the cottage, I have included some photos before of the cottage.

The cottage was a loft and had the lounge & kitchen on the bottom level & then up the stairs was the bed, spa bath & bathroom/toilet.

It was a really old fashioned cottage on the bottom & very modern on the top floor, the top floor had the ceiling lower in different parts which took awhile to get use so we kept bumping our heads on the ceiling.

The booking came with breakfast for the two days we were there which was a lovely hamper with a loaf of bread, bacon, eggs, juice, milk, tea/coffee & condiments it was a great quantity of food which we didn’t end up finishing

The cottage itself I did like but it was different to what I was expecting

We had dinner reservations at a restaurant called Sky High which was just a 2 minute drive from the cottage & was right on top of the mountain before our reservation we just hung out with some snacks and watched Airheads.

Dinner was lovely, it was a small place with candles on each table & a really elegant menu I had the salmon & Rob had the eye fillet, which was delicious.

It had such a great view of the skyline which I took a couple of photos of however it was one of those scenes that was better in person then it looks on camera.

After we got back I hopped into the spa bath for a little while which was so relaxing & then we watched a movie called Powder.

On Saturday we made some breakfast before heading out to this antique/collectable place called Hunted Collectables which was a massive warehouse & so cool. My partner is in to collecting old retro games and consoles etc & I love looking at old and unique things so it was a great way to spend the day together.

After that we were going to head to some other places but I started feeling really crappy because of course the day before we went away aunt flo decided to visit me so we ended up going back home & I had a quick shower and just had a lie down.

Afterwards for dinner we went to this place called Kelly’s Bar & Kitchen which was a barn looking restaurant that had live music.

It was a great place & the food was amazing, I can’t remember what Rob got I think it was a steak but I got the Spicy Calamari  which was delicious. Everyone was so nice there especially the wait staff were so lovely so would definitely recommend visiting if you’re ever in Mount Dandenong.

Once we got back to the cottage Rob gave me a really nice massage which was so lovely & then I hopped into the spa bath & relaxed in there for about an hour until I accidentally dropped my phone in the bath WHOOPS but thankfully it still works.

We both decided to go home on Saturday night instead of leaving on Sunday morning we  both were just ready to go home & I wasn’t sleeping properly because I was so worried about leaking which I know is so silly but I just hate sleeping somewhere new on WHITE sheets (btw why do hotels use white sheets & linen on their beds) & feel really uncomfortable.

So we got home at about midnight & just went to bed and watched a movie.

It was such a great weekend I wouldn’t change a thing except for aunt flo coming of course but it was so relaxing & great to spend some quality time with just us without any distractions.

I hope you liked this little post.

Until next time

Mariah x



Review – John Frieda Shampoo & Conditioner

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Hey Lovelies,

So today I thought I would share with you my review on the Beach Blonde Cool Dip Purifying Shampoo & the Beach Blonde Smooth Seas Detangling Conditioner by John Frieda that came in the November & December Bellabox.

ooooll   4788464


I really like the package of both the shampoo & conditioner, the colours all go well together.

If I had to choose one over the other it would be the Shampoo I just love the look of it.


The product smells amazing, you get a strong scent of mint which is so refreshing. Even after washing my hair & drying it my hair still smells so minty.

I am also very wasteful with my shampoo & conditioner so I normally use a bit of product but even with that, I have used both products about 10-15 times already and I still have over a quarter of each bottle left.

Does it do what it says it will?

The conditioner says it will detangle calms & smooths dry hair leaving it shiny & easy to comb.

I found that it does untangle your hair to a certain extent would I say it completely untangles no….however it does leave your hair feeling smooth which is a statement in itself because to be honest right now my hair is hideously overdue for a cut & colour.

The shampoo on the other hand says it is refreshing, cleanses thirsty heat damaged hair & infused with energising mint.

It is refreshing & has a very strong mint scent to it which leaves your hair smelling amazing. Again it did leave my hair feeling smooth & cleansed whilst wet but once dry I still felt that it was dry.

I will definitely need to use both the shampoo & conditioner again once I have had my hair done to see if there is any difference.

Would I buy it again?

Yes I would buy these products again, they do most of what they claim to do & could possibly do it all if you have regularly maintained hair. The mint smell is to die for and always leaves my hair smelling amazing & for 295ml bottle you get so much use out of it so I would pay the $16 dollars

So there you have it, if you would like to purchase either the shampoo or conditioner they are currently on sale at Priceline

Let me know if you have tried any other John Frieda products.

Until next time

Mariah x


10 Things you didn’t know about me!

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Hey Lovelies,

I recently watched a video that Tammy Hembrow did on her YouTube channel which was 10 things that you didn’t know about her & I thought it was a good way for you all to learn more about me.

To check out Tammy’s video click on this link

So here are 10 things you may not know about me

1.When I was 5 I had eye surgery

So when I was 5 I had surgery on my eyes as I am short sighted & to try and correct that I had to have surgery which worked for a few years but then when I was about 13 my eyes got worse which resulted in me having to wear glasses. I would personally never get laser eye surgery or wear contacts as It freaks me out thinking of a laser near my eyeball as well a putting something onto my eyeball YUCK

2. My Birthdate/Name

So I was born on February 28th (YAY my birthday is soon) & share a birthday with my mums mum Vicki. As I was my nana’s first grandchild & because I was born on her birthday my nana got to name me, which she chose Mariah because it was different and apart from Mariah Carey there wasn’t really any other Mariah’s around (at least that she was aware of) As my mum’s mum got to name me, my parents decided that my middle name would be my dad’s mums first name June.

3. I Have never broken a bone

To this day (touch wood) in my almost 27 years of being alive I have never broken any single bone in my body 🙂

4. WWE

Growing up I was very much a tomboy & still am to this day but when I was younger probably up until I was  about 18-19 I was obsessed with Wrestling (WWE) I had just about all of the DVD’s, all the dvd’s of my favourite wrestlers, I had merchandise in my room which I still have to this day (just no longer in my room). I was obsessed with John Cena I even had his CD which I got shipped from America. I cried when Eddie Guerrero died as I said OBSESSED!!!

5. Spanish

I am a quarter Spanish, my num’s dad was a full Spanian. I never got to meet him as he moved back to Spain after he & my nana separated & then passed away when I was about 11 or 12. I did get to meet my poppy and my mum’s dad’s sister. I learnt Spanish in school but don’t speak it or remember much of it but I am actually currently learning the language again.

6.  I have never met either of my grandfathers

To this day I have never met either one of my grandfathers, my mum’s dad as mentioned above lived in Spain & then died when I was 11 or 12 so I never got to meet him & my dad’s dad left home when my dad was in his mid teens (about 30 or so years ago) & has never been seen or heard from since. To this day they don’t know if he is alive or dead.

7. Sharing a room

Up until I moved out of home at the age of 19 my sister & I shared a room ( the same room) since we were about 8 & 6. My mum has lived in the same two bedroom house since I was in grade 2 and originally when we first move there my mum wasn’t working so she could only afford this little unit & although she is working now she still lives in the same house, which I really like because its the home I grew up in and I have so many memories there.

8. My fiance was my first…

That’s right it wasn’t that I always wanted to wait for the right person but it just kind of happened that way & I am so glad that it did. It means so much more to have been with someone that I am planning to spend the rest of my life with & that it wasn’t just a quick shag with someone who couldn’t care less about me and probably who I would never hear from again.

9. I have fallen out with two of my best friends at different times

So i think I have previously spoken about this but I can’t remember so I thought I would add it in, I fell out with both my high school best friend of about 6 years & also my best friend of three years that I met through my fiance. Both for very different reasons, my high school friend was due to her and my fiance not getting along and getting off to the wrong thing and she believes that I chose him over her so we didn’t talk for about a year a half but have re-kindled our friendship about a year ago were not the same as we were but we are at least friends. The second bestfriend was due to some issues that didn’t relate to our friendship but to hers and our other friends and from there we just stopped talking and then she didn’t attend my 21st birthday I alter found out this was because she had found out she was pregnant but I just kind of stopped trying or messaging her & she did the same and we just didn’t speak for about 4-5 years, again we have been talking again for about the past 2 or so years and are back to being friends again.

10. Fear of Dying

So I am sure some people have this same fear but I have it on the next level, I am constantly paranoid about dying that I wont take public transport anymore, I really don’t like flying (which is a probably why I will never go to the states) & I always have to have the house locked up because I get afraid that someone will break in and kill me. The thought of dying petrifies me to the point where I hate being at home at night on my own. I do plan on speaking to someone about my fear & anxiety as I know its not normal for me to feel this way I feel like it stemmed from having my cousin die unexpectedly when he was 17 and I think (as i was the same age) that you’re not always guaranteed tomorrow and just because you’re young doesn’t mean you can’t die.

So there you have it, thats 10 things you didn’t know about me!!!

Please leave 1 fact about you that not many people know as I would love to get to know you all better.

Until next time

Mariah xx


9 Years Together – The story of us

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Hi Lovelies,

Today I thought I would do a little post about a special milestone thats coming up in my life.

When you’re a reading this it will be the day after mine & my partners 9 year anniversary, thats right we have been together for 9 years which I cannot even believe.

He is the first real boyfriend I ever had & we have been together for so long that it’s hard to remember a time before he was in my life except for obviously when I was really little.

We met when I was 17 & he was 19 online on a website called Tagged which I don’t think even exists anymore (side note just looked it up & it is actually still live except it looks completely different to how it did in 2008).


When we first started talking in the November we were actually talking about another guy that I was kind of seeing at the time that I wanted to make jealous as he was being a jerk to me so I enlisted this guys help to try & make him jealous haha.

It was just after Australia Day 2009 that we decided we would meet in person as at this point we had only talked on the phone or chatted with text or MSN (those were the days)

We met on 1st February 2009 at Flinders Street station in the city, after work at I think around 6ish as at that time I was working in retail at The Reject Shop.

I got to the city before he did & ended up waiting for nearly an hour for him ( wasn’t the best start) but he was late due to his friend. s (his best mate and his girlfriend at the time) decided to come with him to meet me and I guess be there so it wasn’t so awkward or in case I didn’t show. I remember calling one of my friends from work to tell her that he hadn’t arrived yet & she was like I will come and get you if you want & I was like no he is coming I know he is & he had been in contact with me so it wasn’t like I hadn’t heard from him.


He finally arrived & I remember him texting me telling me his train was pulling into the station I had butterflies, my heart was pounding so hard because I really liked him & I wanted him to like me as well.

I remember after getting introduced to his friends we walked out of the station for a walk around the yarra (which is  river near that is near the station) and near crown (casino complex) we were just walking next to each other somewhat close but still with a bit of a distance between us I was so worried that he didn’t like me but then there were some steps that we had to go down & I remember it to this day him grabbing my hand and holding my hand the whole way down the steps and kept doing so as we continued to walk around.

I knew in that moment that he liked me & I just remember smiling (probably like a weirdo) because I was so happy.

We had our first kiss sitting together alongside the Yarra next to the Aquarium (not with his friends there haha) it was such a lovely moment.


That night we became boyfriend & girlfriend and I couldn’t wait for my mum to pick me up from our local train station so I could tell her all about it.

Like most relationships we have had amazing times but we have also had rough times where it didn’t look like we would stay together but we got through them all and are great now.

On our 4 year anniversary he proposed to me after dinner & seeing a movie, we were driving out of the cinema & he said to me lets go wash your car in one of those automatic car washes & I was like no its fine my car isn’t that dirty etc & he kept persisting I remember getting annoyed with him because I was like far out why does he want to wash the car now its like 8 o’clock at night but then in the middle of the laser free car wash when all the soap suds had covered the car & one of our favourite songs was playing he proposed & then I proceeded to ball my eyes out.


To celebrate our anniversary this year we are going away for the weekend (next weekend) to stay in a cottage in Mount Dandenong which is about an hour away from us & just a nice secluded place were we can just have a relaxing & romantic weekend together.

So thats the story of us, I hope you enjoyed this different post.

Until next time

Mariah x





Younger- The TV show you must watch!!

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Hey Lovelies,

I am back & with today’s post I thought I would do something different and review a show that I recently started watching over the holidays & just caught up to date today, It is the Tv show Younger on Stan.

Now I know I am a little late to the Younger band wagon but I am so glad that I jumped on because it has literally become my new favourite show.

What’s it about?

It’s about a 40 year old woman Liza who is recently separated from her husband David & moves from New Jersey to live with her good friend Maggie in Brooklyn.

When trying to find a job in a publishing house she struggles with anyone wanting to hire her due to her age & also because she hasn’t been working for several years due to raising her now adult daughter Caitlin (who is currently overseas).

After a few job rejections she goes to a bar where a guy named Josh mistakes her for a 26 year old. That’s were her & Maggie come up with the idea to lie on her resume & say she is 26 (with a slight makeover)

From there Liza gets hired by a company called Imperial & so begins the story of her trying to fit in with co workers & maintaining her ‘young’ persona so she doesn’t get caught.

Why I like it?

I like it because it’s funny, witty, the characters are so relatable and easy to fall in love with. The show is written really well that you just get stuck watching episode after episode. I also love it because it has all the things such as romance, technology, drama, death, infidelity that we millennial’s love to the watch but it also has the mature angle and knowledge that makes it’s a show you can watch with your girlfriends or with your mum & know that everyone will enjoy it.

Whose in it?

Sutton Foster plays Liza Miller

Debi Mazar plays her friend & roommate Maggie

Miriam Shor plays her boss Diana Trott

Hilary Duff plays her colleague & friend Kelsey Peters.

Nico Tortorella plays Josh, the guy from the bar

Peter Hermann plays the big boss Charles

Star rating ?

Honestly I would give it a 4 & a half stars out of 5, its has a little bit of everything & is a show that you can easily binge watch again & again.

I definitely recommend if you haven’t watched Younger yet to do so because it is a great show and you won’t regret watching it but my only tip is would be to get comfy because once you stop you won’t be able to stop.

Let me know in the comments if you have watched Younger & what are your thoughts? Or do you have another show you would recommend?

If you like this kind of post let let me know in the comments as I would be happy to review other shows or movies

Until next time

Mariah x

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Trying to Conceive….

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Hey Lovelies,

I thought for today’s post I would talk about something close to my heart.

As you can probably tell from the title my partner & I are currently trying to conceive our first child to term (we have been pregnant before but unfortunately had a miscarriage very early on).

We haven’t been trying to actively conceive for very long but for the last few years we haven’t used any form of protection so while we weren’t actively trying we weren’t trying to avoid it either.

Last month I started using Elevit vitamins which can be used for before, during & after pregnancy which gives you all the nutrients & good stuff required for a healthy pregnancy & healthy baby.

I have wanted to have a baby for the past few years & to be honest when I was planning out my life I already wanted to have at least 2 children by now but it hasn’t quite happened yet for us.

I always wanted to be a young mum because my mum had me when she was 20 & my sister when she was almost 22 so the three of us are really close which is what I would like to have with my children & hope that they are also as close as me & my sister are.

It’s so hard not to track your symptoms & automatically think each month that this is the month which is something that I really struggle with, especially recently I was late on my period & had so many symptoms like fatigue, constant headaches, peeing every 5 seconds, feeling dizzy & nauseous too be honest I could go on.

I couldn’t help but get myself excited thinking this is it, we have done it…all to take 2 pregnancy tests to a negative result 😦 despite still not getting my period yet over two weeks late WHYYY.. I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up as all ladies trying to conceive know but its just so hard not to especially when its something that you really want to happen & there’s potential signs that you are.

Then you starting getting the symptoms you begin automatically looking up announcement videos on YouTube & watching other peoples videos about their first few weeks etc (maybe this is just me) that then get you even more excited all to then be let down with a negative result.

I know it wont happen straight away & this is only our first real month of trying so I need to not stress it will happen eventually.

Being a plus size gal also makes trying to have a baby that bit harder so I am wanting to really get better at what I eat & exercise more because currently I don’t do that enough or well at all

Too be honest this post is probably just going to be a ramble of my feelings & thoughts but I figure I am sure there are other bloggers or followers who are currently going through the same thing so wanted to let you know if you’re trying to conceive & currently going through the emotions of negative tests & feeling its never going to happen just hang in there it will happen & your not alone.

Until next time

Mariah – Everything Missguided x


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Hey Lovelies,

So if you have been following me on Social Media you will know that I recently announced the winner of my first giveaway!!!

If you’re only following me on my blog I thought I would let you all know who the lucky winner was.

& the wiNner is

I will be sending Melissa a box of my favourite relaxation goodies from brands like Lush Cosmetics, Dusk & more.

It still amazes me that I have over 1000 people following me on my Twitter, be sure to be following me on my social media as I will be doing more giveaways there  on my blog when I hit 500 followers on my blog & 1000 on my Instagram.

Thank you to all  of you that follow me, it means the world.

Until next time

Mariah – Everything Missguided x