Blogmas Day 12 – Christmas Pavlova

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Hi Lovelies,

I am back with my final post in this years Blogmas, cant believe how fast this 12 days has gone.

I thought to end Blogmas nothing is more Christmassy then some yummy dessert & seeing as its Summer in Australia I would do a  Pavlova.

What you’ll need:

Pavlova – available at any supermarket. The one I picked up was from my local Safeway for $10 (1 kilo)


Cream – you can either get thickened cream or seeing as it was a work night I just got this can of whipped cream for $4 dollars.


Now for the fun part toppings, seeing as its Christmas I went with a green & red theme so I got some Strawberries, raspberries, flake, peppermint Crisp & glazed cherries

IMG_2682 IMG_2680

IMG_2679    IMG_2681

I love decorating Pavlova’s because you can really put anything on it & it always tastes amazing, so here is the final result


Whats your favourite Christmas dessert?

I hope you have enjoyed my 12 days of Blogmas 2017.

Until next time

Mariah – Everything Missguided x


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