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Hey All,

I have decided today to talk about Bellabox, I plan on doing a monthly review/try of the products I received & thought its probably best to give you all an overview about the company & how it works first & then following from that I can just post each month about what products I get & my impressions/reviews for each item.


What is it?

Bellabox is a subscription box website in Australia that has 3 different types of boxes available.

  1. Bellabox – the box for the females which includes beauty products ranging from makeup, skin care, fragrance, body etc (5 products in each box)
  2. Bellobox – this is the boys box which includes grooming products such as skin care, fragrance, body, hair products etc (8-12 products in each box)
  3. Bellababy – this is box catered to mums & their babies & includes high end,Ā  boutique & cult brands (4-5 deluxe sample products in each box)

How it works?

After signing up depending on what box you have chosen, your box will arrive at your doorstep (monthly or quarterly) with the products inside nicely wrapped up & will include an ingredients card & information for each product included.

You then try out the products & you can complete a survey online to earn reward points to use in their shop where you can buy full sizes of the products from each box.

I personally just use the product and determine whether I like it or not & If I do I normally go out & buy the full size product or if the product wasn’t for me I have a box that I keep those items in to give to friends or family.

Bellabox – New box every month

Bellobox – New box every 3 months (quarterly)

Bellababy – New box every month


So of course with everything there is a cost involved, I have listed the cost for each box below.Ā  I know for the Bellabox as this is the only box I have personally tried they have regular discounts when you sign up for your first box.

Bellabox – $17.95 per month (which includes a $2.95 postage fee)

Bellobox –Ā  $30.00 each quarter (no additional charges for postage)

Bellababy – $24.95 per month

What I Love?

I mean firstly who doesn’t love receiving mail ( I mean good mail not bills) it is probably one of the best things & what makes Bellabox even better is that you don’t know whats going to be in your box each time so ever time its a surprise at to what you will receive.

I always love the products that you get with the Bellabox, even though they are sample sizes they are still big enough that you can try out the product and figure out whether you like it or not without having to go out and spend the money to buy a full size product that you may not end up liking.

I also like the convenience of payment as the payment is just direct deposited & should you not like the Bellabox anymore for whatever reason you can cancel anytime which is another thing that I love there is nothing worse then when you have to sign up to something for a certain period of time i.e 6 or 12 months.

If you want to check them out, do so via Bellabox please note Bellabox is only available to Australian residents.

I have included a photo of each of the boxes from June 2017


My next post will be my review to the July box, so make sure you keep an eye out for that.

Hope you enjoyed this post & please let me know in the comments below if you do sign up to Bellabox šŸ™‚

Girl Missguided x

All photos belong to Bellabox


9 thoughts on “Bellabox – Subscription Box

  1. This box looks amazing – I really love that they sell three different variations, the baby box looks so cute! You also get a lot for the money too x

    Kayleigh Zara šŸŒæ

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the different box variations! I’ve always looked at signing up to a monthly subscription box but never sure whether it’s worth the money x


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