Kmart Haul

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Hey All,

I am back with a Kmart Haul!!

Who doesn’t love Kmart I mean honestly it is amazing.

So read below to see what I purchased on my latest trip


So the first product I got was some glitter self adhesive book cover – cost $3.00. I brought this product to use as a back drop for photos of products make it look a little more professional.

Second product was a Home & Co Fig & Papaya candle – cost $1.00. the smell of this candle is actually really good for $1 dollar, I have one of these candles already and thought I might as well grab another.

Third Product, I got a product that I haven’t heard of or tried before and to be honest I solely got it to try out and write a review on it, It is a refreshing mint foot sheet mask – cost $3.00. I will be doing a review at some stage so keep an eye out for that.


Fourth Product, was a pack of 30 fragrance free facial wipes – cost $1.50. I have had these wipes before and they’re quite good for the price and do the job.

Fifth product I got was a cork placement – cost $1.50. Same as the adhesive I got this to use for some product photos as an alternative background, but I actually quite like it and may perhaps get more for our dining table.

Last product I purchased was a 3 pack of notebooks – cost $3.00. I brought these because they are so pretty firstly and I thought I could use these to organise and think of new blogs to write about and have a place to put my ideas.

So that’s all that I purchased which is really good for $13.00 in total.

Hope you enjoyed this blog, let me know in the comments if you love Kmart as much as I do.

Girl Missguided x



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