Fav You-Tubers?

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Hey All,

I thought I would do a little blog about some of my favourite You-Tubers & their channels, I have probably actively been watching videos on YouTube full time for probably 3-4 years prior to that I just used to look at You Tube to look up videos here and there if I was wanting to watch a music video or something similar.

I have included below a fav video of mine of all of their channels, I highly recommend that you check them all out as you wont regret it.

Well here is my list below in no particular order:

Roman Atwood Vlogs – 13 Mil Subscribers (Vlogs) Roman also has a prank channel

I have only been watching Roman’s channel for probably the last year or so but I honestly love him and his family. I find his channel and the content he posts very uplifting and it always makes me smile no matter what he and his family maybe up too. I always make sure I watch his new content every day.

Gilroy Vlogs – 495K Subscribers (Vlogs)

From watching Roman’s videos I came across Chase’s channel and just like Roman’s channel I found Chase such an uplifting person and so positive which is reflected in his videos and the content that he posts. I enjoyed watching Chase in Roman’s videos and am glad that he has his own channel & look forward to watching his channel grow as Roman’s has as he deserves it.

Brittney Lee Saunders – 1 Mil Subscribers (Beauty, Vlogs, Skits + more)

I have watched Brittney’s channel for the last 4 years and her channel was one of the first You Tube channels that I started watching full time. I love Brittney she is so hysterical and so easy to relate too. From her beauty videos to her Vlogs I love watching them all. If you do follow her on You Tube I suggest you also follow her on Snapchat brittneeylee as well as she is one of the funniest people to watch. Her Nan is also the most loveliest and adorable woman I know and reminds me of my Nana.

Keiara Moore – The Aussie Mum Vlogger –  1K Subscribers (Vlogs, Chat Videos + more)

As you may remember from my blog Talking about my Miscarriage I spoke about watching Keiara’s video well the night prior to that blog was the first time I was introduced to her channel. Keiara is such a lovely person which shows in her videos, she is still new to the You Tube scene having only begun her channel in January this year but I have no doubt that her channel will grow substantially, her videos are refreshing, motivational and ones that I look forward to watching.

AlrightHey – 80K Subscribers (Story Time Videos, Driving in the Car Videos + more)

Matt (AlrightHey) what an hysterical guy!!. I came across AlrightHey from watching Brittney’s channel and instantly fell in love with him. From his Driving with Videos that leave me crying my eyes out from laughter to his reaction videos, he is one of the funniest people on You Tube and I love watching his videos. He is also another that I recommend watching him on Snapchat also matteh1234.

Let me know in the comments who your favourite You-Tuber is as I would love to check them out also.

Girl Missguided x


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