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Suicide is fast becoming a growing trend and a word that we are unfortunately too often hearing about.

It has been brought to the world headlines again after the lead singer of Linkin Park Chester Bennington committed suicide on July 20th, leaving behind a wife & six kids along with his adoring fans, family/friends & band mates.

I did love Linkin Park’s older tracks, they were songs that when I think of my childhood/high school years I remember listening to Numb/Encore, In the End, One Step Closer, Somewhere I belong during my high school years with friends. I was personally more into pop music but Linkin park were one of my favourite rock bands.

I can’t say I still kept up with Linkin Park’s new tracks  but would listen to their old tracks on a regular basis.

It’s so sad nowadays that most young people in high school know of someone who went to their school or have had a friend who has committed suicide, yet when I went to School roughly 10 or so years ago I didn’t know of any one who committee suicide.

I thankfully have never had a friend or family member commit suicide, I myself have never suffered with depression or had suicidal thoughts but I do know of family friends who have had their friend commit suicide a few years back and seeing from a step away the affect it has on the family, friends, work colleagues etc is indescribable the pain and suffering they go through trying to understand what happened, why and they blame themselves for not asking if that person was okay or picking up on signs that suicide was a possibility.

The issue with suicide is that it doesn’t discriminate you can be a famous singer/actor, a sports star, a person who is the life of the party or a young teenager with their whole life ahead of them and yet anyone can have thoughts or things going on in their head or in their life that they don’t discuss because they see it as weak or they don’t know who to talk too or how to seek help or perhaps they have been battling the evil monster of depression for so long that it one day just becomes too much to handle and ending their life feels like the only option they have to stop the pain and end their misery.

I feel that as much as social media is a wonderful thing and personally something I don’t know I could live without but it can also be a horrible tool used to spread such hate and the platform that evil trolls use to cyber bully kids, celebrities, social media influences etc its so mind blowing how much the world has changed since when I was younger.

A lot of people believe that if you take your own life your selfish or a coward etc I don’t necessarily agree with those comments but I do wish that the people that do choose to leave this world and take their own life would be able to see a preview of what them doing so does to their family, friends, acquaintances because I think if you could see the hell basically that your family, friends, partner etc  go through trying to piece together they whys, hows and the guilt they feel because they weren’t there when you needed them or maybe they didn’t even know that you were down or feeling this way then I know I personally would change my mind. But as mentioned earlier I am no expert and I have never felt suicidal or have gone through real depression so maybe I am naive with my thoughts.

So many people think that they have no friends etc and everyone hates them and no one would be sad if they were to die but yet it is in every single instance so completely far from the truth there is always someone who cares and who wants you to remain on this world and sometimes the people who you weren’t necessarily close with, or people you hadn’t spoken to in awhile are as heartbroken and lost as your family and close friends.

I hope that if you’re reading this blog and you feel this way that you put your hand up and ask for help, whether its to a friend or family member or contact the various help lines which I will list below because it is not weak to speak.

If you’re reading this and are thankful enough not to be feeling down or having hard things going on in your life ask your friends, work mates, family members if they are okay and let them know you’re here for them if they need.

Girlmissguided x

Help Lines

LifeLine Australia – 13 11 14

Beyond Blue – 1300 22 46 36

Kids Helpline – 1800 55 1800

RIP Chester Bennington – 20/03/1976 – 20/07/2017


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