Am I a psycho?

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The last few days I have felt like an absolute crazy person and I don’t know why.

The last few days my partner and I have been fighting over the most stupidest things like who is paying for dinner, why there’s a towel on the floor just stupid things that normally wouldn’t warrant a discussion let alone an arguement but for the last few days I have been feeling really frustrated by anything and everything he does… I don’t think I am alone (am I right ladies).

I feel like it’s mainly due to my annoying friend Aunt flow arriving any day now but sometimes he does just drive me insane and I think it’s healthy for couples to tell each other when their feeing frustrated by the other person and to also have some space from each other if needed…obviously you don’t want them to be like I am going away for a month for some space because that’s probably not the best sign of a healthy relationship but a short break here and there whether it’s a girls night out with some friends or a night staying at your mums, it’s nice to just get some space and re-evaluate and get yourself out of your crazy person funk.

My partner and I have been together for almost 9 years and we have been through some tough times at the start of our relationship but for the past few years we have been great but of course were not perfect and do have our moments were we argue and want to kill each other but doesn’t everyone?

I think having some arguments in a relationship is healthy as long as at the end of it you both learn from it and grow as a couple.

I know we will be fine tomorrow but I think it’s good to talk to your partner or friends or your readers and be honest with your feelings and if you have a shit day then speak about it, it always makes you feel better to let out your frustrations.

Girl missguided x


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