Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit – Sun Dipped Review

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With today’s blog I thought I would do a review on a beauty product that I love, which as you can see by the title is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit – Sun Dipped


This is the first Anastasia Beverly Hills product I own but with how happy I am with the glow kit I know it wont be my last. Read my review below:

What I love about?

Apart from everything? I love the colours and how it shines on my face, with my olive skin complexion I love the way the colours compliment my skin and just glow for days. It’s also so easy to blend which I love as I am not a beauty guru and am not the best with applying makeup but given my low skill set, I find it really easy blend out the product. I just use the Real Techniques setting brush and find it so easy to work with but you really could use any type of highlighting brush to do the job.


Long Lasting?

Literally till the end of time, I can apply the glow kit in the morning prior to work and it will still be looking flawless at 9pm which is amazing and something I found to lack with other brands products. I do admit I set my face with Australis Make-up finishing spritz (which is also another holy grail product) but I feel as though even if I didn’t use a setting spray that the glow kit would still last for the whole day.


Colours & Pigmentation?

The colours are so amazing, I like to use Tourmaline & bronzed as an eye shadow as well and they work perfectly as just a quick eye shadow look if I am just going to work or I have even also used it on a night out and it looks amazing. The colours are incredibly pigmented.

Cost & Where to buy?

Cost & where to buy: The glow kit retails at $58.00 at Sephora in Australia. You can also purchase it online via Anastasia Beverley Hills website. I have linked both down below

Final Thoughts?

I honestly cannot recommend the glow kit enough, even if you’re aren’t big on make up everyone needs to invest in one. Yes it is a little pricey but well worth the investment as it will not let you down. The glow kit is definitely one of my holy grail items.

I rate the glow kit a 9/10, it is honestly that amazing

I hope you liked this blog it is something different but something that I think I would like to continue doing and trying different and new products from high end to drug store to review them for you and give my honest opinions.



Links –

Anastasia Beverly Hills –

Sephora –

Priceline –

Prices for other holy grail products

Make-up Finishing Spritz (Australis) – $15.95 (Priceline)

Real Techniques Setting Brush – $13.59 (Priceline) currently on sale!!




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