Weekend Recap


Friday 14th July 2017

Didn’t really do to much on Friday after work, traffic was a nightmare on the way home for some reason not too sure why perhaps it was due to people coming back from the outer skirts of Victoria as it is the end of the school holidays this weekend. I think we just got some dinner and had a quite night in at home and watched the footy. I can’t really remember if we did anything else.

Saturday 15th July 2017

Woke up early to get some things done, i.e housework which to be honest I am so slack with but did a few loads of washing and the dishes to make the house look semi presentable.

We then had an appointment to get our tax returns done which was good, is it just me or do you pay so much tax over the financial year but yet you never get anything back? I paid a substantial amount of tax this year over $10,000 and I am not even getting $500 back I mean seriously I don’t understand why the government just doesn’t take half of what everyone pays in tax and then you keep the other half I would be completely fine with that but no.

For the rest of Saturday I didn’t really do anything to exciting, finished the washing and housework, I then went to bingo again with my friend which was good (of course I didn’t win anything but my friend won $300 and gave me back what I spent which was lovely) We then just went back to my house and hung out and watched some TV and went to bed at around 2.30am.

Sunday 16th July 2017

After a late night yesterday, it was good to have a sleep in today which was much needed. I then went to Kmart ( I know but I can’t help myself) I brought a new doona cover set and a throw rug. I have included a photo of the doona cover set but can’t locate a photo of the throw but its a green and grey colour. Apart from my outing to Kmart I have been home majority of the day.

Well that’s my weekend recap, I’ll have another blog up on Wednesday which will be a product review.

Girlmissguided x



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