I’ll be there for you, cause you’re there for me too

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Did you ever watch Friends  growing up and thinking you can’t wait to have your own Joey or Rachel when your older to hang out with or go to the local coffee shop with when you’re supposed to be at work? Me to .

It’s amazing how back in high school everyone wanted to be the most popular class mate with the most friends and the person that everyone liked and wanted to be friends with, but as you grow older you realise it’s not about how many friends you have but more the quality of the friendships.

I have had two long term friendships, one of which has since ended & the other which has been recently rekindled.

My friendship with Emma began in High school, in year 7 we were put in the same class Emma had a few people that had gone to her primary school and I went with one guy but we weren’t really friends through primary school.

After a few days we got to chatting and not long after became best friends, we literally did everything together; we would spend all day at school together, the bus ride to and from together and would then call each other once we were home just to talk about things that may have happened between the walks to our house or things we had forgotten to discuss on the bus ride.

Our friendship had ups and downs, we would have the occasional fight over something stupid a boy or just normal teenager issues but it was always sorted out over a hour long phone call and by the next day it was all back to normal.

Just before I turned 18 I met my now fiance, things started to change in mine and Emma’s friendship looking back at it now it was my first real relationship and I was wrapped in that new relationship feeling and wanting to make sure it worked that I think I let our friendship take a back seat which was wrong and something I regret doing today.

Emma and my partner didn’t really get along very well, I am not really sure I think they both have very dominating and tell how it is personalities and i think they just clashed because they are so similar.

After that Emma & I stopped talking for awhile she was still friends with my sister and other family members but we didn’t talk at all.

With Emma still being friends and working with my sister we started briefly chatting at events or we would hang out together with my sister, we became friends that would just see each other every now and again.

Now Emma is married with kids, I can’t really remember the last time we spoke perhaps a year or so ago, we still keep in contact via social media but that’s about it.

I often think about how different both of our lives could’ve been if we had have stayed as close as we were, we had always planned to live together until we both found partners and then they would of course close, we would live close by to each other and be each others maid of honors. Once we eventually had kids they would of course be best of friends as well ( funny how things can instantly change)

I do wish that we never had that falling out and that at that time I was more mature and better at time management and put equal effort into both relationships to ensure they worked out.

It makes me sad looking at some of the friendships that my mum has compared to my own, my mum has a few friends who she has known for years and regularly catch up with and all of us kids grew up together, I wish had that. Not that I kids now or have no friends at all but  I hope that when I get to her age I have similar meaningful friendships.

That’s all the reminiscing for now, I guess if you can take anything from this blog it’s to cherish and work on any and all relationships and friendships in your life. if you’re starting a new relationship don’t push your friends to the side, make time to hang out with them separately or together with your new partner.

Girlmissguided x




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