When life gets in the way…

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Tuesday 11th July, to be honest this blog is going to be a quick update and hello, have been really busy the last few days with having friends over for dinner and given the end of the financial year my work load is hectic. I plan to get a more in depth blog to you tomorrow or Thursday at the latest, not sure of the topic as of yet but will keep you posted via my social media platforms.

I have seen some other bloggers do make up or item reviews which is something I would be interested to give a go, I am fan of make up I mean not overally, I don’t wear it everyday (although I should) but enjoy putting it on, on nights out and would love to be able to do make up really good like some of my fav beauty gurus.

Have been watching a new show, Australian Ninja Warrior which began on Sunday, it’s been really good it’s amazing how flexible and athletic so many people are and people from all different walks of life and cultures

Well I’ll leave at that, sorry this blog won’t be great I am just personally glad I had a second to atleast upload something for you.

Girlmissguided x


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