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Who the heck thought I would be posting on wordpress again? I sure as hell didn’t but yet here I am on a Thursday arvo on my second last day off before I return back to work for 2020!

I can’t even tell you when my last post on here or any of my other platforms was to be honest its safe to say i fell of the face of the earth & lost complete and utter interest in blogging and anything to do with Everything Missguided & in all honesty I don’t really know why!

So much has changed since the last time I posted that its crazy to me to look back on my previous posts as I am in such a different space & place in my life that trying to think back to when I wrote all those posts & the ones I have sitting in drafts just blows my mind.

Your probably thinking well what the hell has happened that it’s almost been a whole year since you posted on Instagram & probably longer since you were present…well… where do I begin….

In April I had a gastric sleeve surgery that has completely changed my life in the most amazing ways. I have since lost 43 kilos (& counting) from that I am such a completely different person to what I was, I am more happier in all aspects of life, I am eating healthier, exercising, more confident in myself, my work life has completely changed. I can’t begin to express how that decision has completely changed my life for the better.

I won two awards through my work with one of those awards being recgonised in my industry which was something that I never had expected to happen at all & was such a pleasant surprise after 10 years of working at my job & in the same industry to be supported and acknowledge by your peers.

My football team won another premiership that I was again lucky to be at to witness happen. It was another amazing day that I got to share again with my sister.

I witnessed two of our nieces (partners side) get married which both weddings were such beautiful occasions filled with so much love & were both done so differently but both were as beautiful as each others.

Celebrated my first Christmas with both my mum & dad together, my parents separated when I was two so I don’t have any memories of a family Christmas together but last year we all celebrated together at my house which was such an amazing day with all my family together and something that I think will become the new tradition for our family.

So there you have it thats what has changed since I last started typing away on WordPress, in all honesty who know whether i’ll post here again I just for some reason had this urge to just start typing and this is what came out.

I hope everything is well with you all & that 2020 is an amazing year for you and your family.

Until we chat again (which lets be honest could be never)

Mariah x

Once a Cheater always a Cheater?

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Hi Lovelies,

I thought I would kick off the new year with something completely different, a post about a taboo topic…cheating.

This is something that I feel a bit hypercritical about posting as I absolutely hate cheaters and don’t understand why people do it but in saying that I have known and do know people who have cheated on their current partners & previous partners and I have never told that person what their partner has done nor are they aware to this day.

Does that make me a horrible person? Does that make me a hypocrite? maybe, I am honestly not sure.

There so many sayings about cheating like “once a cheater always a cheater” & “a leopard never changes it’s spots” which whilst I do think people can make mistakes and learn from them I would say that 9/10 people that do cheat have cheated again either on that same partner or in their next relationship which out of the people that I know that have cheated they have done it on more then 1 occasion.

I think cheating is like an addiction like a drug, the high of the chase and the fear of not getting caught can be too much for people to turn down & even if they do love the person that they are with they still crave and need that high of being with someone else to fulfill them.

The scenarios, I think that confuses me the most is the ones where the ‘third party’ was aware that the other person was in a relationship and still continued to be with them however expects that, that person will be different with them once they are in a relationship I am sorry but I am calling bullshit… if someone can cheat on their partner who they are married to and have kids or whatever the case is with what makes you think that they wouldn’t do the same to you & even if they don’t cheat on you how do you ever trust that person knowing that they have previously cheated?.

People are always so daring with who they choose to cheat with, like the boss that sleeps with his assistant or co-worker or the woman that sleeps with her partners best friend & yes these situations aren’t just movie blockbusters or an episode of Jerry Springer they do happen but in all of these scenarios the risk of getting caught is so high and yet so many people choose to run that risk on a daily basis which is confirmed in a survey conducted in October 2018 by Trustify (link to their blog) 18% of people met the person they cheated with at work or in a social setting i.e kids go to the same school or they are in the same social groups

In this survey of the 200 people that were surveyed when asked why they cheated 23% of the men said it was due to lack of sexual satisfaction & 28% of the women surveyed said it was due to lack of emotional satisfaction however none of the people surveyed said they cheated due to them no longer being romantically interested in their current partner.

So basically the men need more sex and the women need to be more emotional satisfied which seems easy enough but then you add in outside factors such as work, kids, other commitments which then assist with driving a wedge sexually and emotionally between the couple HOWEVER I think in my opinion people need to try harder in their relationships yes I have to at times (even recently)  been so focused on work that I have completely skipped out on proper communication and time with my partner so I get it, it is easy to get side tracked however if you want to make your relationship work you need to set aside the time to really connect physically & emotionally with your spouse.

I also think open and honest communication is key, a lot of people cheat or sleep with other people or sometimes even prostitutes because they are afraid to tell their partner what they like sexually if it is something that is a little quirky or different so they either cheat or use the services of prostitutes etc because they wont be ‘judged’ for their sexual requests, but with 50 shades of grey, sex stores and the watching of porn becoming so main stream you may be surprised by what your partner is willing to do in the bedroom or outside of it if that’s what your into.. a relationship is all about communication so don’t be afraid to speak up about your sexual fantasies as they may be reciprocated.

What are your thoughts on cheating? have you ever cheated or been cheated on?

I would love to hear your opinions in the comments

Mariah x








November 2018 Bellabox Review

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Hi Lovelies,

Time for another Bellabox review, this months box is a basics box in the sense that all of the items are things that you can just about use on a day to day basis.

Steve Laurent Lip Tint

This product would have to be the most beautiful packaging I have ever seen! The little box it comes in is rose gold with some confetti like dots on it & has white writing on it.

The tint I got was in the shade cherry & is a lovely light shade of red.

You can purchase the range of Steve Laurent lip tints from their website directly for $31 dollars for 3.5g

Dove Nourishing Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner


Is it just me or does anyone else love the smell of shampoo and conditioner? The Dove shampoo and conditioner doesn’t disappoint either it smells amazing.

You can pick up the 320ml bottles for $6.89 from either Safeway or Coles

Essie Treat Love & Colour

I don’t really use many nail polishes anymore as I always get my nails done but I have used Essie nail polishes before and have always liked the colours that they bring out & would use them again.

You can purchase this Essie product for $17.95 for 13.5ml from Priceline or Adore Beauty

Bioderma Hydrabio Gel cream


I have never heard of this particular product before and as you all probably know my skin care routine is horrific & non-existent to say the least so I don’t really buy myself or have that many skin care products because I don’t really use them to be honest.

I tried this product out on the top of my hand and it smells amazing, was cool to apply & has left my skin feeling incredibly soft.

It mentions on the product card that it restores hydration to dry and dull skin.

You can purchase this product from Adore beauty or French Beauty Co for $42.99 for 40ml

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion


I haven’t heard of this brand before potentially because its a Canadian brand but I love this packaging & the sunscreen itself also smells amazing.

The product card mentions that it is SPF 50+ & offers 12 hour moisturisation that pampers your skin whilst providing broad-spectrum UVA/UVB SPF50+protection.

The only thing that I didn’t like was on the product, it has one of those slips that you have to lift (which does anyone actually do this) it says that you have to leave the product on for 20 minutes before heading into the sun & you have to reapply every 2 hours or more if you’re sweating or immediately after swimming or using a towel.. who has time for that?

You can purchase this product from Priceline & Chemist Warehouse for $16.99 for 180ml

The bonus item this month was a $50 off card from Hello Fresh

What was your favourite item from this months Bellabox?

Until next time

Mariah x



October 2018 Bellabox Review

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Hi Lovelies,

Time for another Bellabox review & this months box was a special box as it was celebrating Bellaboxes birthday.

To celebrate there was 6 different coloured boxes to choose from, I forgot to choose mine and ended up with the apricot/peachy colour box which is the box I really liked the look of so I was quite happy that I ended up getting that box.


ModelRock Lashes


This was the first product that I noticed when opening up the box. I have personally never heard of this particular brand of lashes before but to be honest & hopefully I wont be crucified by the blogging gods for admitting this but I don’t ever really wear false eyelashes but in saying that the lashes themselves are really full & very glam looking lashes.

I like that these lashes are vegan & cruelty free.

You can purchase the ModelRock Lashes from their website directly for $11.95

TLW Let’s get naked Frizz Fighter


Now this is another product/brand that I have never heard of before but I love the packaging of the product its  simple plain tube that just has lets get naked on it and to be honest I am instantly intrigued.

From the information card it says that this product is scientifically formulated hair serum that helps smooth, condition and seal strands & lives up to its name as being able to combat even the frizziest of hair regardless of the weather.

I am really interested to give  this s a try and see how it goes as I do get frizzy hair if I leave my hair to naturally dry so look out for that on my blog.

You can purchase this product from either Neon & Co Salon (Melbourne) or via this link for $19.90 dollars for a 125ml bottle.

Appeal Cosmetics Highlighter Drops

img_0375  img_0378

When I saw the sneak peek for this months box I was so excited to check out this product, the packaging is a beautiful mix of gold, black & rose gold.

I hadn’t heard of Appeal Cosmetics before so I am excited to try this product out, I got the gold highlighter drops and the colour is something else I mean look at this swatch!!

These drops can be added to either your foundation  or skin care for a customisable glow, I love that we also got the actual size product which normally retails for $40.46 dollars  (have I mentioned I love Bellabox).

You can pick these highlighter drops in the various shades from Appeal Cosmetics website directly

La Roche-Posay Uvidea BB Cream 


I do own a few BB creams but to be honest it’s not something I tend to ever really use because for me personally I either put on makeup or I don’t there’s no in between for me so I haven’t ever really seen the use of using a BB cream.

This particular BB cream days that it is featherweight which I agree with when I tested some out I could barely feel it on my skin at all. I love that it also has SPF 50+ protection which is so vital in the Australian summer sun.

You can pick up 50ml of this product from Priceline & Chemist Warehouse for $34.95

Swisspers facial wipes


The last product in the box was this two pack of facial wipes from swisspers, I have used swisspers before but to be honest I don’t really have a favourite type of facial wipe brand because I honestly just use whatever ones I can get my hands on.

You can pick up 25 pack of wipes for $5 dollars from woolworths.

Have you tried any of these products before?

Until next time

Mariah x



I’m Back….

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Hey Lovelies,

Feels like forever since I was last writing on WordPress or even looking at my blog, to say I have  completely slacked off would be an understatement.

I can’t remember what my last post was even about it has been that long!! I guess you’re probably wondering why I went MIA & to be honest it was as simple as I just honestly didn’t have the time which is such a lame reason & excuse but its the truth.

My work had got so hectic that I couldn’t even keep up with the balance between my work and personal life let alone add in posting to my blog and keeping up with Instagram posts.

Blogging is one thing but there is so much else you need to do to get your blog out there to readers, like post to Instagram, Twitter & then if your in blogger support pods (which I absolutely love being apart of) its posting to there to let them know your new post is up and returning the favour & to be completely real it just got too much for me to handle and something had to give which had to be my blog.

I always knew I would come back to blogging as I truly love it, getting to interact with all different people from over the world I find so amazing & I love writing down my feelings and thoughts about different things and topics.

I just wasn’t entirely sure when that would be as to be honest I just didn’t have the motivation to do so after such a hectic end to the year, but as I was sitting down to watch some Dawson’s Creek re-runs I received a message in relation to my blog that has honestly made my 2019. I don’t want to say to much yet as it is very early but I will say that I have been approached by a brand that I love that wants to work with me which I just can’t even put into words right now how exciting this is.

I plan on re-vamping my blog and really focusing this year on keeping on top of my blog (I know I said this last year) & also adding different things such as more YouTube videos & posting about different content then I usually do & push myself out of my comfort zone.

So a massive thank you to you beautiful people that have stuck with me & continued to follow my blog & support me.

Here’s to a whole new Everything Missguided in 2019.

Mariah x


BLAQ Hyaluronic Acid Eye Mask Review

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Hi lovelies,

I thought it was about time I reviewed the eye mask I received for ever ago in a past months Bellabox.

The eye mask I am referring to is Blaq’s hyaluronic acid mask.

IMG_3702 IMG_0306

About the product

This eye mask is targeted to remove to de-puff & detox your skin after a late night or after a cheeky wine night.

With the mixture of activated charcoal & hyaluronic acid as two of the ingredients in this product it absorbs oils to keep skin spot free & restores moisture.

How to

1st Step – Cleanse your skin and eye area

2nd Step – Remove the film before applying the mask about 1cm from each eye

3rd Step – Leave mask on for about 10-15 minutes before carefully peeling it off the skin

It is recommended for great results to use the mask at least twice a week


I find that some mask products that sit in a liquid can sometimes be extremely liquidy and I find them really hard to actually put on my skin and becomes a big mess, but I was really happy that this product wasn’t full of liquid.

I also tried this product out whilst I had a nice bath and the mask sticks to your face perfectly and doesn’t fall so you could easily use this mask whilst running around the house cleaning up or whilst taking some time out which I really liked.

The only negative thing that I thought could be improved would be to have the instructions on the packet, I personally think its easier to use a product when the instructions are on it.

Did it work & would I recommend it?

After using the mask my skin underneath my eye area was really smooth and I could definitely see that the puffiness under my eyes had mostly disappeared.

I think to see amazing results you would need to use this product at least two times a week.

I would purchase this product again to see how It worked using it twice a week as recommended.

You can purchase this product from Blaq’s website directly for $29 dollars for a pack of 5 masks.

Hope you liked this review, please let me know if you have used any of Blaq’s products in the comments.

Until next time

Mariah x




30 Things I want to achieve/do before I am 30

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Hi Lovelies,

So this is the first of my ‘creating posts from my blog post ideas blog post’ so I thought I would start with the first blog post idea from that post being A number before a certain age.

If you haven’t checked out my blog post ideas, you can check it out here

Whilst I am still a little over two years away from being 30 ( ah I shiver at the thought) I chose that number because there is so many things that I want to achieve/do before I hit 30 that I am excited to make this little bucket list for myself to see in 2 years time what I was able to accomplish.

A lot of the items will be self explanatory so I have just listed them, so here goes

  1. I would like to have at least one child
  2. I would like to own my own home
  3. I would like to be married
  4. I would like to be healthier & be skinnier
  5. I would like to feel more confident speaking in public & in front of people that I find intimidating
  6. I would like to go overseas to New York
  7. I would like to be better with money & have a savings account (with money in there)
  8. I would like to be at the same company but would like to be an executive Assistant
  9. I would like to be a much better cook then I am now
  10. I would like to still have that close group of friends that I have now
  11. I would like to have seen more of Australia & also seen snow
  12. I would like to be more spontaneous & adventuress
  13. I would like to own a new mum mobil 🙂
  14. I would like to get over my fears & anxieties of flying to be able to go on that dream trip to New York
  15. I would like to still be as close to my sister as I am now
  16. I would like to be still blogging & be making so financial gain from it
  17. I would like to be posting more videos to Youtube & be better at editing
  18. I would like to go self hosted on my blog
  19. I would like to be living comfortably, in the sense that I would like to not have to stress about making sure I have enough money each month or not be able to buy myself or others things because I cant afford it this month
  20. I would like to have raised over $5000 for the Cancer Council (each year I organise a Biggest Morning Tea at my work & I think to date we have raised just under $2000 in the 4 years we have been doing it)
  21. I would like to get another tattoo
  22. I would like to travel to Canada
  23. I would like to go on a cruise
  24. I would like to own something extremely expensive like a nice bag, or jewellery
  25. I would like to have a bulldog
  26. I would like to find my style and implement that throughout my home
  27. I would like to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  28. I would like to go on a picnic
  29. I would like to visit Central Park & do a Friends tour
  30. I would like to take more photos

Thats my list of what I would like to achieve/do before I am 30, what are some of your goals before you hit 30?

Until next time

Mariah x

5 Blog Post Ideas

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Hey Lovelies,

If you’re also a blogger I am sure at some stage you have sat blankly looking at your computer trying to think of a topic you can post about on your blog.

Trying to come up with new topics to use for your blog can sometimes be a daunting task & one that can take hours to work out.

I thought for something different I would list below 5 Blog Post Ideas that you can use when you are stuck for ideas on what to post.

I am also going to try and challenge myself to use these 5 ideas myself and post them to my blog as well so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

  • A (number) before a certain age post

I really like the idea of this post, it lets your readers know the goals you want to achieve or things you want to do before you hit a certain age.

It also allows you to have fun with setting goals for yourself and then once that milestone is reached you will be able to do another post on  what you did and didn’t achieve out of your goals.

  • If you could invite 3 people over to dinner, who would it be and why post

So I know this question comes up everywhere, in magazines, newspapers on the internet and everywhere else but I think this is a really good blog post because it’s a post that you can open up to your followers or even other bloggers to join and provide their own answers.

Its another post idea that gives both you and your followers an insight into each other.

  • Run a contest or competition post

I have already previously done a competition on my blog but it was so much fun and a good way to give back to your followers for supporting you & your blog.
Everyone loves winning free stuff & its a great way to attract new followers to your blog or your social media platforms.

I think alot of bloggers feel like to do a competition on their blog they need to spend heaps on a great competition prize but if you just set yourself a budget for whatever you can afford it is still a great idea for a post & a great way to get more traffic on your blog.

  • A post about your favourite bloggers

I am personally all for supporting my fellow bloggers anyway that I can & so I think a great way to do that is to introduce your followers to some of your favourite bloggers.
I have found many of my current favourite bloggers or favourite youtuber’s via reading or watching other peoples blogs or vlogs and then following that person who featured on their post/video.
You could simply list your top 5, 10 etc bloggers and include their links and why you like them/their blog. It would also be a great idea to touch base with them and see if you can use their pictures so you can tag them in your post, doing this could also give yourself some new blogging friends.

  • A day in the life of you post

I like this idea for a post because it’s a simple post that anyone can do no matter what your blogging niche is.

It gives your followers an insight into what a normal day in your life looks like & I find these kind of posts really interesting as we all have our own version of a ‘normal’ day for us.

You can include photos to really provide a visual into a day in your life.

I hope you liked this post, I am looking forward to creating my own posts on each of these ideas.

Do you have a blog post idea? I would love to hear about it and maybe even do a post on it.

Until next time

Mariah x

NYX Avant Pop Eyeshadow Palette Review

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Hi Lovelies,

For today’s post I thought I would review the NYX Avant Pop Eyeshadow Palette that I received a few months ago in a Bellabox.



I really like the simplicity of this packaging, the black with the white writing sitting on top of the mix of colours is to me really nice and slick.


I am glad that I got the surreal heart palette in my Bellabox as I really like the mix of natural & vibrant colours. This palette is one that you can use for both during the day or going out at night. You can create so many different looks using the colours in the palette.


If you live in Australia you can purchase this product from Priceline for $34.95 or if you’re in the US you can purchase this product from NYX directly for $17 dollars.


I did like this palette, it has really nice mix of colours that you can use to create all different looks to wear for either during the day or evening.

The only colour that was a bit of a let down for me was the yellow which I really needed to keep applying for it to be able to be seen, it did also have some fall out which the other colours didn’t seem to have.

I probably wouldn’t buy this palette myself as for the price I would prefer to spend that money on buying a higher end brand but it is definitely a good palette to have in my collection & one that I can see myself using again.

I would love to hear your thoughts if you have used this palette before!!

Until next time

Mariah x

BellaBox Review – September 2018

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Hi Lovelies,

It’s time for another Bellabox review & for Septembers box with the commencement of Spring in Australia the box is a Spring Shake Up theme.

I was really excited to receive this box as last month we got a hint that each box would contain a Tarte product, I myself don’t yet own any Tarte products so I was looking forward to seeing what we get.

Vitamasque Masks


This a brand I have never heard of before & first looking at the product it looks quite interesting as to how it actual works.

It says on the information card that it will brighten & hydrate your skin, these masks are developed with innovative Korean-skincare technology.

I have never tried a mask that you keep on your skin overnight before so I will definitely do a review on this product.

You can purchase this product from Priceline for $3 dollars & there is several different flavours/scents

Burt’s Bees Moisturising Lip Balm


I really love Burt’s Bees packaging it’s quite simple but all goes so well together especially with the illustration of the cherry & the bee as well.

The wild cherry scent you can smell as soon as you open up the cap.

Burt’s Bees is paraben free & 100% natural which is another reason to love this brand.

You can pick up this product at Priceline, Chemist Warehouse or Coles for $6.95

Biore Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips


Sometimes I honestly believe Bellabox can read my mind, I was talking to my sister the other day about how I really wanted to get some of these stripes as I had tried them with her for the first time about a month ago & they worked so well that I wanted to purchase them myself but I just hadn’t got around to it as of yet.

I always get blackheads on the bridge & sides of my nose and after using this product that one time it’s definitely a product that I would recommend.

You can purchase this product from Priceline & Chemist Warehouse for $7.29 for a box of 6 strips

Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint


Firstly how beautiful is the packaging, the mix of the black, gold & pinky brown colour is really nice.

I got the colour Bestie which is a beautiful deep nude colour.


As you can see the colour is just beautiful and it dries very quick like promised.

You can purchase this product from Sephora or Tarte Cosmetics for $29 dollars for 6ml

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Skin Perfecting Moisturising Day Cream SPF15


If you have ever used Palmer’s products you would know how amazing they smell & this day cream is no exception.

With SPF15 this day cream promises to leave your skin healthy, glowing & protected from the suns harmful rays.

You can purchase this product from Priceline & Chemist Warehouse for $14.99 for 75ml

What product would you most like to try out from this months Bellabox.

Until next time

Mariah x